What ingredients are used in the makeup?

Our products are essentially made up of the same natural ingredients that are used for their healing properties in skin care like almonds, castor and jojoba oil, vitamin E, cocoa and shea butter, kaolin clay, glycerin and beeswax. These ingredients are not bleached, fractionated or micronized to a state of lifelessness, thereby maintaining its true essence for nourishment.

What colors are used in the products?

We derive our colors from a combination of minerals like iron oxides, micas,
titanium dioxide and food grade colours (Not to confuse with food colors). Different combinations and permutations of these basic minerals, give us variants in shades.

Is the lipstick long-lasting?

Our lipsticks are meant to last for 3-4 hours and while they can last beyond that a little touch
up here and there might be required post meals.

Is the kohl smudge proof and long lasting?

Our eye pencils will last up to 4-5 hours and are not guaranteed to be smudge proof. The formula is created for sensitive eyes which is why we
don’t use any harsh chemicals, adhesives or alcohol in our formulation.

Are the lipsticks lead free?

Lead or heavy metals are definitely not an ingredient used in our products but they can oftentimes be a part of an ingredient like water, pigments and dyes etc. We make sure that all ingredients sourced are at the least toxicity level possible.

Are all the ingredients used Vegan?

No we are not vegan. All our ingredients are 100% vegetarian. We use natural and organic beeswax in our products to provide you a product with the best formula.

Are the products gluten free?

Yes, all our products are gluten free.

Are the products tested on animals?

We are strictly against animal testing.

Where are the products made?

Our manufacturing is licensed to a company based in Umbergaon, Gujarat. They are a FDA-approved company who specialise in colour cosmetics. During every round of
production, we have an inspection process conducted to ensure the best quality. Our products are assembled by hand by a community of local women in this small town, who work part-time jobs to contribute to their family.

Are the products certified?

Your concern is valid and we would like to address it by telling you that our ingredients are either Ecocert or/and COSMOS certified (including our preservative). Ruby’s as a brand is not yet certified, that is something we want to look into when we have finished developing our entire product range. We use a combination of Organic, Natural and Mineral ingredients.

The makeup is very sheer, how can I make it more prominent?

Our products are made to be sheer, but allow for buildable coverage. If you wish to make it more prominent, just add-on a little more product but remember, a little pigment goes a long way.

What concealer/ foundations would you recommend for different skin tones?

Our concealers come in three colours, since our products are sheer and lightweight one colour can adapt to multiple skin tones. Pick the colour that is closest to your skin tone.

I have acne prone oily skin, are the products suitable for me?

We would not recommend our concealers for acne prone oily skin but the blushes, lipsticks, eyeshadows work very well with acne prone skin as they do not clog pores and contain natural skin care properties that will aid in healing acne scars and pigmentation.

My skin is oily, will the concealer suit me?

If your skin is excessively oily, we do not suggest our concealers.

My skin is oily, will the products make it worse?

No. Our products although made with oil, are not ‘oily’ in texture. Infact they blend into the skin seamlessly leaving behind the pigment looking as natural as possible. They do not aggravate acne.

Which lipstick shade is best suited for fair skin tone?

All our lipstick shades are meant to adapt to suit most Indian skin tones. Although we would recommend:
Fair Skin Tone: Nuddy, Sweet Pea, Bare, Brick, Burgundy and Roseate

Which lipstick shade is best suited for wheatish skin tone?

All our lipstick shades are meant to adapt to suit most Indian skin tones. Although we would recommend:
Wheatish Skin Tone: Raisin, Plum, Mauve, Bare, Apricot, Nuddy

Which lipstick shade is best suited for deep skin tone?

All our lipstick shades are meant to adapt to suit most Indian skin tones. Although we would recommend:
Deep Skin Tone: Raisin, Plum, Burgundy, Mauve, Bare, Apricot, Nuddy

How should I apply the highlighter/eyeshadow?

Dip your brush into the loose powder, dust off excess and apply over eyelids. Or head to our video on How to apply the Highlighter/ Eyeshadow.

How should I apply the concealer?

Take a look at the video to get an idea of how to apply the concealer: How to Apply the Concealer/Foundation. Our concealers are smooth and lightweight which allows for maximum coverage and easy application. Head to our blog to find out how you can use it in multiple ways.

How to apply the cream blushes?

Please read our step by step blog about how to apply our creme blushes: How to Correctly Wear a Cream Blush.

Can I use my hand instead of makeup brushes?

You can use either. Our products are smooth in texture to allow easy application by hand as well. However, we recommend using a tool for hygienic purposes.

I have chapped lips will the lipstick and lip balms help?

Not just our lip balms, but also our lipsticks are enriched with rich shea and mango butters and contain oils like jojoba that are sure to nourish chapped lips and bring them back to health.

My lipstick broke, what should I do?

We suggest you transfer the lipstick to a different container (an empty cream jar) or use a brush to use it from the container itself.

Are the products temperature sensitive, how should I preserve them?

Yes, we suggest you keep it away from moisture and direct sunlight to increase longevity and help maintain its viscosity.

I want to travel with the products, how should I carry them?

Our products need not be carried any differently than your other cosmetics, but we do suggest protecting them with something thick to avoid breakage.

Is there an expiry date?

Yes as per our efficacy testing, you can use the product up to 18 months from the date of Manufacture.

I accidentally ordered the wrong color, how can I change my order?

Please email us your order related queries to [email protected] and we will revert to you within 24 hours.

I want to change an item I have ordered?

Please email us your order related queries to [email protected] and we will revert to you within 24 hours.

My order has arrived, the lipstick/concealer/highlighter/eye pencil/blush colors don’t match my skin tone and/or look like they did online. Can I return them?

If the product has not been utilized we can accept an exchange/refund. Please email us your order related queries to [email protected] and we will revert to you within 24 hours.

I want to exchange a product I have ordered.

You are eligible for an exchange as long as the product has not been utilized and is in optimal condition. Please email us your order related queries to [email protected] stating the reason for exchange and we will revert to you within 24 hours.

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