About Ruby’s Organics

Hey there! In-case you’re wondering what we do.. Ruby’s Organics is dedicated to redefining the way women use makeup today.
In the hope of making women gleam with joy, we have used only natural and organically sourced ingredients to develop an entire range of makeup staples, and additionally infused the products with bio-active ingredients that will nourish and care for your skin.
Our intention from the very beginning was to turn makeup into value added skin-care, simply because it’s not impossible to do.


Makeup is a choice; you’re still going to glow
But what we want, is to give you access to a better choice – one that is truthful and one that you can trust.

About The Founder

“For me, creating an ‘honest brand’ laid the foundation for Ruby’s Organics.
Being a huge cosmetic aficionado, I did consume every available product in a jar, bottle, and palette for years until I learned first-hand how toxic most cosmetics can be. It urged me to want to make a difference by creating an alternative that is kind to our environment and our skin” – Rubeina.K

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